Walking in the woods, absorbing its almost sacred atmosphere is an experience that regenerates body and mind.

Many paths cross the valley. Travel them at your own pace: on foot, slowly, or by mountain bike and little by little you feel your soul entering more and more balance with nature.

The woods surrounding the Monastery of Sant'Alberico are a true natural treasure. These lush forests are populated by a variety of ancient trees, including beech, chestnut, oak and fir, creating a magical and refreshing atmosphere. Walking among the trees, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing shade and listen to the melodious song of the birds that inhabit these lands.

The paths that extend around the Monastery offer a unique opportunity to explore the wild beauty of the Apennines. The hiking trails are well signposted and vary in difficulty and length, allowing you to choose the itinerary that best suits your preferences and abilities. Some paths lead to breathtaking views, from which you can admire the surrounding hills and hills and enjoy spectacular sunsets.

One of the most fascinating paths is the one that leads to the Hermitage of Sant'Alberico. This ancient hermitage, located on a secluded hill, is a place of great spiritual significance and offers an atmosphere of contemplation and serenity. During the journey, you will be enveloped in silence and tranquility, with only the rustling of the leaves and the singing of the streams to break the stillness. You will feel immersed in untouched nature and enjoy the fresh mountain air and the scent of wild flowers.

There are also exciting trails for mountain biking or e-bikes. Two-wheel enthusiasts will be able to face both demanding climbs and gentle slopes and ups and downs in the woods, surrounded by greenery and wild scents.

Whether you are looking for inner peace, adventure or simple moments of reflection, the woods and paths around the Monastery of Sant'Alberico offer a unique and unforgettable experience. With their untouched beauty and magical atmosphere, they invite you to explore